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    How to Treat Dry Mouth

    dry mouth

    How to Treat Dry Mouth

    A dry mouth can be uncomfortable at best and harmful at worst. People who experience frequent or severe dry mouth are more at risk for gum disease and tooth decay because they lack the saliva needed to balance oral bacteria and protect the teeth from harmful acids.

    Saliva also contains essential minerals that can help strengthen tooth enamel. So when you experience dry mouth, also called xerostomia, it’s important to try and treat the condition to protect your dental health. Treating dry mouth can also help with bad breath, which is never a bad thing!

    But how exactly can you treat dry mouth? The following are a few options.

    An article by Dr. Ahmed Uthman.  Originally published by Your Dental Health Resource.

    Read the full article here: How to Treat Dry Mouth

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