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  • Bruxism


    Bruxism, the term for teeth grinding, is a devastating condition that can wreak havoc on your oral health. Teeth grinding can wear down teeth, cause gum inflammation, and even chips and fractures in your smile. Treatment from Potomac Family Dental can help patients who suffer from bruxism!

    Grinding your teeth is something you may do consciously or unconsciously during the day or at night. Many people grind their teeth while asleep and may wake with a headache or a sore jaw or teeth and not realize why. Others may grind their teeth during the day as the result of stress or an improper bite.

    Bruxism isn’t a condition to ignore. Our teeth aren’t meant to hit against each other, and doing so, especially on a regular basis, can cause your teeth to quickly wear down. Fortunately, bruxism is a condition that can be treated in Woodbridge VA!

    Signs You May Be Grinding Your Teeth

    Teeth grinding puts immense pressure on your teeth and the muscles in your jaw. In fact, some studies show that teeth grinding can exert up to 10 times the force used when chewing food. This excess pressure can be hugely damaging to both teeth and gums, especially over a long period of time.

    Some signs you may be grinding your teeth include:

    • Tooth sensitivity
    • An aching jaw, face, or neck
    • Waking with a headache
    • Teeth that look flattened or unnaturally even
    • Teeth that feel loose
    • Inflamed gum tissue that appears red and puffy

    For some people with bruxism, their partner will hear a noise while the patient is sleeping that sounds like a grinding or tapping noise from teeth clenching together. If you suspect you grind your teeth, it’s time to get an evaluation from your dentist in Woodbridge.

    Treatment for Bruxism in Woodbridge VA

    Bruxism can be treated, and in many cases, can be eliminated once the root cause of your teeth grinding is discovered. For some patients, stress or anxiety will be the cause, while for others, a misaligned bite can lead to bruxism. Certain medical conditions such as sleep apnea or Parkinson’s disease may also play a role in bruxism.

    While some patients can use certain techniques to manage their stress and reduce the frequency of their teeth grinding, the best option is to invest in a custom mouthguard while we work on remedying the cause of your bruxism.

    A custom mouthguard will absorb the impact of your teeth grinding and protect your teeth from further damage. In the meantime, you can work on reducing your stress, fixing your bite, or addressing sleep apnea to eventually eliminate the need for a nightly mouthguard.

    Don’t Ignore Bruxism!

    Bruxism can lead to worn-down, flattened teeth that are sensitive and painful. If bruxism continues, it can eventually lead to loose teeth and even tooth loss.

    If you suspect you’re grinding your teeth at night, a simple exam with Dr. Uthman at Potomac Family Dental can tell if you suffer from bruxism. Together, we can help discover the cause so we can stop your teeth grinding and improve your oral health.

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