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  • Dental Bridges & Crowns

    Dental Bridges & Crowns

    When missing teeth can impact both the appearance and function of your smile, dental bridges and crowns offer a way to get your beautiful smile back and prevent issues missing teeth can cause.

    Potomac Family Dental offers both dental crowns and dental bridges for patients to replace their missing teeth in Woodbridge VA. Replacing missing teeth can prevent the shifting and bite changes that can result in crooked or gapped teeth and even chronic pain.

    Dr. Uthman provides state-of-the-art materials to support your dental health and restore the function of your smile with crowns and bridges at our practice.

    How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

    A dental bridge is typically supported by the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth or teeth. Bridges can replace several missing teeth in a row, and usually involve dental crowns to help support the bridge and fill in the gaps left by missing teeth.

    Dental bridges are considered a permanent form of tooth replacement, as the neighboring teeth will require some preparation in order to sustain your dental bridge and create a functional restoration.

    If you’re not a candidate for dental implants due to lack of jawbone, dental bridges can function as an alternative. Dr. Uthman can review all your restoration options to determine if a dental bridge is right for you.

    Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge not only helps support proper speaking and chewing, but can help prevent teeth from shifting to compensate for lost teeth, therefore retaining the natural appearance and function of your smile.

    Dental Crowns for Damaged Teeth

    Dental crowns offer you a way to keep your natural tooth even when its structure and integrity has been affected. The crown functions as a type of protective cap that’s placed over your tooth to keep bacteria out and restore the tooth’s structure.

    At Potomac Family Dental, we create your dental crown to seamlessly match your natural teeth in Woodbridge VA. Your restoration will be ready in about one week, allowing you to minimize the time spent without your tooth or with a temporary restoration.

    Dental crowns are typically applied to teeth that have received root canal therapy as well as to finish a dental implant procedure; however, dental crowns are instrumental in other dentistry applications as well.

    Dr. Uthman may recommend a dental crown for a tooth that has a deep cavity that can’t be repaired with a filling alone. You may also need a dental crown for a tooth that’s been severely cracked or chipped.

    Don’t Wait to Replace Missing Teeth!

    While your smile will need to heal following a tooth extraction, replacing a missing tooth as soon as possible can help prevent shifting and pain. Dental crowns and dental bridges can help restore damaged or missing teeth for a beautiful smile.

    Contact us at Potomac Family Dental today to learn more about our dental bridge and crown applications or to schedule a consultation with our professional team at (703) 348-8070.

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    Ariana M.

    Best Dental Family in Woodbridge hands down. Very caring and attentive. From the very first moment the receptionists greeting you with all smile, you feel at home. Everyone takes the time to ensure you are very well taken care of from start to finish!

    B. Banks

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