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    Need one or more root canals? Are you looking for an Endodontist in Woodbridge? Potomac Family Dental offers comprehensive family dentistry – including root canal therapy! Instead of referring you to an expensive endodontic specialist in Woodbridge, everything is completed right here in our office.

    Our dentist use advanced equipment including rotary files and digital apex locators to make your root canal procedure more efficient and comfortable than ever before. Plus, our endodontic activator allows irrigation techniques to reach all the way to the apex of your tooth, protecting you against the risk of a faulty treatment or recurring dental abscess.

    Pain Free Root Canals

    Getting a root canal doesn’t have to hurt! When we treat your tooth, the only thing you’ll feel is a slight pinch from the initial injection. Our dentist typically use stronger number medications for this very reason.

    Unfortunately, putting a toothache or dental abscess off could result in a badly infected tooth nerve that can cause severe pain that even numbing medication can’t reverse. Once our dentist get in to remove the nerve, you can finally experience the relief you’ve been looking for. While some people may need to be on an antibiotic for a day or two prior to starting treatment, others need a root canal right away. Getting the inside of the tooth numb will finally provide you with an answer to your pain.

    When is a Root Canal Recommended?

    It’s impossible to know whether or not your tooth will need a root canal without having it thoroughly examined and an x-ray taken of the full root. This image allows us to see if an abscess is present, which may lead to:

    • Fistulas (pimples) along the gumlines adjacent to the root
    • Hypersensitivity to temperature changes or certain types of food
    • Pain when biting and chewing
    • Discoloration of the enamel on that individual tooth

    When teeth are cracked, it may be more challenging to diagnose. Endodontically treating such a tooth can help you avoid having it pulled.

    After Your Endodontic Procedure

    Even though your infected tooth has now been restored from the inside-out, the non-vital tooth can become more brittle and susceptible to wear from everyday chewing. As such, we’ll want to place a crown over the tooth to protect it for long term use. In certain cases, such as teeth at the front of your mouth, a small filling can be used instead.

    Get Pain Relief When You Need It

    Dentist preparing a patient for treatment for her root canals at Potomac Family Dental in Woodbridge, VA.Are you avoiding having a root canal done because of the cost? It could result in a painful dental emergency or even the need to have your tooth pulled. That’s why we offer flexible payment options so that you can finance any procedure — regardless of how affordable or expensive it may be. After all, an emergency like a root canal can pop up when you least expect it. We even offer a cash discount.

    Potomac Family Dental in Woodbridge is open late and on Saturdays. Book your visit with us today!

    If you’re missing a single tooth or several, you couldn’t be in better hands than Dr. Uthman’s. In as few as two visits to our Woodbridge practice, you could be enjoying a brand new, fully restored smile

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