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  • Dental Cleanings & Check Ups

    Dental Cleanings & Check Ups

    Professional teeth cleanings and dental check-ups do more than keep your smile free of stains and plaque. Regular cleanings and exams can protect your teeth from tooth decay and gum disease to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.

    Regular dental cleanings are an important part of any oral care routine and supplement your at-home brushing and flossing in Woodbridge VA.

    It’s virtually impossible to remove every bit of plaque from your smile, even with meticulous oral care at home. When you receive regular professional teeth cleanings and exams at Potomac Family Dental, we help protect your smile against cavities and gum disease.

    Our dental exams are designed to catch problems early and help you invest in a smile that’s just as a healthy as it is beautiful!

    Why Do I Need Regular Professional Teeth Cleanings?

    Our mouths contain naturally-occurring bacteria, some of which is responsible for keeping our teeth healthy, and some that are responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

    When you brush and floss your teeth every day, you help remove some of this bad bacteria from your teeth and gums, but any that are left behind can turn into plaque, that sticky substance you can feel on your teeth in the hours after brushing. If plaque isn’t removed on a regular basis, it can turn into tartar, which is a much harder substance that can only be removed by a professional dentist.

    Both plaque and tartar can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease, oral infections, and even tooth loss in severe cases. Professional dental cleanings help keep your smile free of plaque and tartar, but also help you adopt better brushing and flossing habits to enhance your oral care at home.

    Teeth cleanings also help minimize teeth staining, which occurs naturally as a result of age and the foods and drinks we consume. By regularly removing these surface stains with at-home brushing and professional cleanings, you keep your smile bright and help prevent deep staining that’s harder to reverse.

    Routine Dental Checkups Can Protect Your Smile

    Regular checkups can happen during your appointment for a professional cleaning in Woodbridge VA. Dr. Uthman will conduct a simple oral exam to check for the beginning stages of tooth decay and gum disease, evaluate the health of your tooth enamel, and even check for oral cancer.

    Dr. Uthman may recommend dental x-rays during your exam, especially if you’re a new patient with us. X-rays can not only detect any issues with your bite and jaw, but can also reveal decay that’s difficult to see with a physical exam alone.

    Dental checkups are an important way to prevent more costly, invasive treatments that can result from smiles that have sustained years of neglect. When you come in for regular checkups, you invest in preventative care which is the best way to avoid problems with your teeth and gums later on.

    We recommend patients come in every six months for a check-up. Others may need to come in more or less often; it all depends on your unique smile. During your consultation and initial exam with us, we can let you know our recommendation for the frequency of your visits with us.

    Get in Touch for an Appointment!

    We offer flexible scheduling and make it easy for you to make an appointment with our team in Woodbridge VA. Contact us at Potomac Family Dental today to learn more about our professional teeth cleanings and check-ups for your smile at (703) 348-8070.

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    Great Office, Amazing staff we love Dr Ahmed Uthman. He is almost like a father figure. He’s the only person i trust with my teeth, we also love the staff, they are amazing and great at hosting

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    Best Dental Family in Woodbridge hands down. Very caring and attentive. From the very first moment the receptionists greeting you with all smile, you feel at home. Everyone takes the time to ensure you are very well taken care of from start to finish!

    B. Banks

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