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    A great-looking smile with Invisalign!

    Man Invisalign

    A great-looking smile with Invisalign!

    Adam had always had crooked teeth. His parents weren’t able to provide orthodontic treatment for him as a child, and Adam was finally ready to fix his teeth as an adult after feeling embarrassed about his smile for his entire life.

    During his appointment with Dr. Uthman at Potomac Family Dental, Adam and Dr. Uthman discussed Invisalign, a set of clear aligners designed to straighten teeth similar to metal braces, but without the appearance of receiving treatment.

    Particularly interested in Invisalign because of its discreetness, Adam’s first choice was clear aligners because he didn’t want metal braces to impact his appearance. Dr. Uthman took digital pictures of Adam’s teeth and performed a physical exam of his oral cavity to determine if Adam qualified for Invisalign.

    Although Adam’s misaligned teeth and bite issues were more severe—he had a dramatic overbite in addition to his crooked teeth—he was a candidate for Invisalign treatment. With digital technology, he was able to see exactly how his teeth would look when they were done in the office during his consultation.

    Adam was able to begin his treatment in a few weeks while his clear aligners were being made. The treatment would take over a year, more on the longer side of the average amount of time Invisalign takes, due to the severity of his alignment and bite issues. However, Adam was committed to the treatment and excited to get started.

    Vigilant about wearing his aligners for the recommended amount of time each day, Adam’s teeth straightened according to schedule. About 16 months later, Adam’s treatment was complete and he was thrilled with the results. He has to wear a nightly retainer in order to maintain his straight teeth and bite, but he says it’s a small price to pay for having such a great-looking smile!

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