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    A Perfect Smile with our Professional Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening

    A Perfect Smile with our Professional Teeth Whitening

    After feeling embarrassed about his stained teeth for years, Allen finally decided he wanted to improve the color of his smile after his only daughter got engaged and the wedding plans were underway.

    In the past, Allen had smoked, and over the years, his teeth took on more of a dark yellow color instead of the bright white they used to be due to the tobacco stains, despite doing a yearly teeth cleaning. Allen also drinks coffee frequently, which also contributed to his teeth staining.  

    After coming in for an appointment with Dr. Khattab at Potomac Family Dental, Dr. Khattab determined that Allen’s teeth were too stained for a professional teeth cleaning to make much difference in his smile. However, with his daughter’s wedding coming up, Allen wanted a more dramatic difference in his teeth color, especially since he would be in the photos, and, of course, walking his daughter down the aisle.

    The best way to remove Allen’s deep teeth staining was with a professional, in-office teeth whitening. Allen wanted the difference to be noticeable, but didn’t want a white that was too bright. He and Dr. Khattab discussed the level of whitening he wanted, and Dr. Khattab was able to show Allen what his smile would look like when it was done based on color samples in the office.

    The procedure took approximately one hour at Potomac Family Dental, and the results were immediate. Dr. Khattab closely supervised the whitening process, applying more whitening solution to deeply stained areas.

    Allen’s results were noticeably different from his old teeth color, and after seeing the results, he was ready for his daughter’s wedding. Allen continues to come in for cleanings every six months to maintain the brightness of his smile and remove the surface stains that come from his daily coffee drinking.

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